Forum Rules


No profanity. Please keep it PG-rated. While younger folks normally don’t read this list, they might be reading over Daddy or Mommy’s shoulder. Also PG language helps to keep tempers cool.

No “flaming”..If you really feel you must argue, please do so in a private message. This includes no trolling/baiting (i.e., posting in such a manner as to intentionally provoke a negative response.) Please remember to treat your fellow members with respect!

The contents of personal mail are personal. If the original sender did not post to the forum, DO NOT post copies or replies to the forum.
If it warrants, privately inform your Garrison Chain of Command, and if your Garrison Commanding Officer deems it necessary, the Legion Council.

If you don’t like getting lots of e-mail, limit your notifications and subscriptions through your Preferences. Be aware that Garrison Command may still send notes via email when necessary for announcements and reminders.

Stay on Target
Please try to keep posts as “On-Topic” as possible (i.e., related to 501st events, activities, votes, armour mods, etc...). When posting a new topic or a response to a topic, please pause and think. Remember that your post will be visible to all the members of this group and may not necessarily contribute to a particular thread.
Ensure that you are posting in the appropriate section.

Controversial Topics
Try to keep controversial topics such as politics or religion to a minimum. Should these items be posted, please include a warning in the first post of the thread. Also, when posting “mature” topics, please use common sense and keep it as PG-rated as possible.

Take responsibility for how your posts may be interpreted. If you meant it one way and multiple people interpreted it another, maybe it’s not necessarily their fault for reading it wrong. Consider your wording carefully.

Items in the Private Forums,Elections Forums, and 501st Members—Only Forums are just that—private and for members only.
DO NOT move them to the public sections of the Forums and do not cross-post these items to other forums. This includes all council discussions and event postings (without getting prior permission from an officer).

Our event forums are open to several members including Garrison members, Legion Members, Rebel Legion, and friends of the Garrison who may not have costumes or active members at this time. These Event Forums are private and meant to be restricted to these groups. If you wish to cross-post an event to another board within these groups ask for permission from the Command Team or another officer, and/or the Garrison Event Coordinator for that event.
While the Garrison does wish to be inclusive of other members in the STAR WARS™ fan community, be aware that the wishes of the Event Coordinator/Requestor will be followed in terms of what clubs/characters, etc. are requested.

When signing up for any event on the Forums, please make sure you state the following clearly:
• Whether you are confirmed to attend.
• What Costume you will wear.
Many of our members have multiple costumes and for some events, it’s important to know what kind of characters we have attending

Merchandise Sales and Trades
All merchandise sales and trades on the forums must follow the 501st Legion's Merchandising and Branding Guidebook . All Garrison or Squad merchandise runs must be approved in writing by the Garrison CO, and then be submitted to the Legion MBO for Legion approval before producing the product or offering the merchandise for sale.

All sales of official merchandise must be to active 501st Legion members in good standing ONLY. Sales or trades of non-official merchandise (e.g. personally branded patches) are NOT permitted on these forums nor the official internal Garrison Facebook group.

The "Badlands Merchandise" forum is for the original first run of approved, official merchandise. The "Legion & Detachment Merchandise Forum" is for organizing group orders of merchandise offered at the Legion or Detachment level. The "Merchandise Sales or Trades" is for members to sell or trade their personally owned, official merchandise.

Our Forums are never to be used to provide event leads for the promotion of other organizations not affiliated or related to STAR WARS™ or the 501st Legion.

Disciplinary Action
To ensure fairness, violators of any of these Guidelines may, depending on severity of the offences, be given two warnings and their offending posts may be edited or deleted.
The third violation will result in restricted posting abilities for a one-week period. With an established history of violations that may include restricted posting, repeat offenders may be placed on immediate posting restriction without warning.
Severe violations, such as blatant and hateful attacks, may result in instant posting restrictions without the benefit of a warning.
The Moderators word is FINAL; please do not aggravate a situation further by arguing over a decision to edit/moderate.
Continued violations of the Forum Rules beyond two warnings can also result in a disciplinary hearing that may impact Legion Membership.

Member access is a privilege and not a right.
We reserve the right to reduce or remove access to our boards for misuse of any type.

**Rules updated July 27, 2018
The 501st Badlands Forum Moderators